In the Clutches of Fear Info

In the Clutches of Fear

A Journey into the American Reality

Radio show by Egon Koch
Produced by Tonkopf, 2004

The changes that were much implored on September 11 did not occur, neither in terms of world policies nor in the U.S. itself. The Bush Administration still tries to solve problems with force. Domestically, the Administration instituted an anti-terror program that brings with it massive infringements on civil liberties. In terms of foreign policy, the Bush doctrine is — since the beginning of the war in Iraq — the pre-emptive strike, even without a UN mandate.
Two-and-a-half years after the terror attacks, a hint of dictatorship wafts across the U.S. The „Land of the Free“ is in danger of becoming a police state. The population’s everyday life is governed by fear anyhow—fear of violence, of weapons, of failure, of poverty, of African Americans. Racism still is the largest problem in the U.S. Fleeing reality and consuming more and more serve as a means to deal with this fear. Basically, everything in the U.S. revolves around money. By examining the various aspects of the phenomenon „fear,“ the author gives us an insight into the only remaining superpower in the world.

Directed by Egon Koch

On air
WXXI Rochester; August 31st, 2005
KUHB St. Paul; September 9th, 2005
WCAI/WNAN; September 9th, 2008

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